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Michelle Hess Buckeye


Sherry Saylor

Buckeye Resident, Chair of Arizona Farm Bureau Women Leadership and School Counselor

"It is my privilege to endorse Michelle Hess for Buckeye City Council District 3. As an educator, farmer, and citizen of Buckeye for 42 years, I have never met anyone who is more responsive to the needs of individual voters. Michelle quite simply loves our city and wants to see it grow in a healthy and fiscally responsible manner. I heartily endorse this quality individual to serve our citizens."

Amber Brown

Buckeye Resident and Teacher

"Michelle Hess is a genuine individual. Her care and dedication to her family, City, community and church are considered to be in high regard to those around her. She is an involved and informed citizen. Michelle is kind and compassionate. A leader in youth and worship and community. Michelle is a strong and dedicated worker who exemplifies integrity in each area of her life. She encourages those around her and portrays a humble heart yet is well educated and respected. Michelle is a rare individual who is honest and committed in any area that she places her name."

John Rico

Buckeye Resident and Buckeye Entrepreneur

"Michelle Hess is a dedicated public servant and trusted community leader.  As both a resident and business owner here in Buckeye, I place great trust and expectation in our public officials to work hard to temper judgment with innovation.  They must have the foresight to plan for the future while strengthening our current infrastructure.  I am confident in Michelle to do just that.  Her genuine character is matched by her loyalty and dedication to our growing community.  It is an honor to offer Michelle Hess my endorsement."

Wayne Polk

Business Owner

"My wife, Robin, and I moved to Buckeye in early 2007 after I opened a financial services office here.  Since then, we have seen the City face a number of challenges and witnessed first-hand how our leaders conducted themselves during difficult times.  Some admirably rose to the challenge while others seemed to follow their own self-serving agendas.  During her tenure on the Buckeye City Council, Vice Mayor Michelle Hess has consistently demonstrated a high level of competence in the performance of her duties and worked tirelessly in the best interests of the people she serves.  She is a proven leader who has the education, background and experience that can all be applied for the benefit of the residents of District 3.


As a businessman and resident in Buckeye, I am not interested in electing a politician who will tell me what I want to hear to get elected.  Instead, I am looking for people who have a track record of community service, a strong work ethic and and the impeccable character qualities required to lead us forward.  The City of Buckeye has greatly benefited from having just such a person as Michelle Hess serving on the City Council and District 3 is fortunate to have her representing them.  I, therefore, proudly endorse Vice Mayor Michelle Hess for re-election to the Buckeye City Council in District 3, so we can all benefit from her proven leadership skills that will be desperately needed both now and in the future."

Garnett Sailor

Business Owner and Community Services Advisory Board Member

"I have known Michelle Hess for than more five years.  In addition to being an outstanding mom, she is among the best and smartest elected officials I have known.  Michelle serves her community with passion, transparency, and sincerity.  She tirelessly volunteers in and for the City of Buckeye, the surrounding community, and where there is need around the world.  I appreciate her work and devotion, and I truly believe that everything she does, she does to make our community a better place for all of us because she cares about us."

Elected Officials Endorsements

Kenn Weise, Mayor of Avondale

Lorenzo Sierra, Councilmember City of Avondale

Sheri Lauritano, Vice Mayor City of Goodyear

"Michelle has done great work for Buckeye and the West Valley!"

Wally Campbell, Councilmember City of Goodyear

Joanne Osborne, Councilmember City of Goodyear and Small Business owner                                      

Robert “RL” Brim

Part Owner Karl T. Brim Construction Inc.

I confidently endorse and recommend Michelle Hess for re-election to the Buckeye City Council. Having been involved in construction and development in Buckeye for several years, I have realized the importance of having strong leadership in our city government. Buckeye being one of the fastest growing cities in our nation must continue to have leaders with vision. I have known Michelle Hess for several years and have seen first-hand her dedication to serving her community. Michelle’s well known commitment to accountability as a councilwoman has helped Buckeye become one of the top cities in promoting strong and smart growth, while preserving that home town feeling. Thank you Mrs. Hess for your contribution to our community.

Steven Bales Jr.

"Michelle Hess is a true asset to our Buckeye community.
She adheres to the highest standards of integrity and ethics.
She brings both intelligence and charm to every challenge she encounters.
The city of Buckeye is most fortunate to have her leadership"

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