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Here are opportunities to do something that will positively Impact the City of Buckeye! Help Michelle continue to make a difference for our community. 

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Hosting a Home Event is the best way I can connect with your friends and neighbors during the campaign.  I would love the opportunity to meet fellow neighbors and to share with the things I am doing on their behalf.  It is a time that I can share Buckeye's vision and future.  Home events are a great place to ask questions as well. A passion for people and Buckeye are the very reasons I do what I do.  I love each and every opportunity to meet my fellow neighbors.  


Engagement Opportunties:

  • Share campaign info on social media (#yes4hess, posts, ect...)

  • Create a neighborhood event

  • Host a Home Event

  • Door to door flyers

  • Write an endorsement

  • Pray for the Hess family


You can donate towards my campaign for Buckeye City Council in two different ways. Help us raise money and share our cause today!


Checks can be made out to


or mailed to:

24810 W Jones Ave

Buckeye, AZ 85326

*All checks must be personal checks.

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